The Wardrobe is an online zine for writers interested in literature and clothes. It is a six month project to collect as much literary material on the subject as possible. Clothes are often overlooked in life and literature and considered frivolous, but they shape character, draw out concepts and connect you to your culture and landscape. As signals for who we are, where we are and what we are, clothes are invaluably transformative and revealing.

If curious about the sort of thing I mean then have a look at any of the following to get an idea.

~ Frances Presley’s poetry collection, Automatic Cross Stitch

~ Kate Roberts’ short stories, The World of Kate Roberts trans. by Joseph P.Clancy

~ Liz Lochhead’s poem, ‘For my Grandmother Knitting’ 

~ Selima Hill’s poem, ‘Portrait of my Lover as a Dress’


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  1. Hi, are you still taking submissions on the subject of clothes? I have a 1,400 words story on the subject. Many thanks, Stephen Mulhern

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